Yeti Sports Tossing Games

« Yeti Sports » is a series of flash games developed by Chris Hilgert, which is built around a particular principal character: a yeti which loves sports. To be more precise -because I know that this yeti could appear as weird- « Yeti Sports » is not a series of games just known by a small group of friends. Indeed, it is in fact really famous and could even be described as a real « web institution ».

The first Yeti Sports game, named « Part 1 – Pingu Throw », appeared in 2004 (there were 90 millions Internet users in the world at the time). Yet, this game became famous in 2004, thanks to its reachable gameplay (one left click to make the penguin falls, then a second to hit him), its beautiful graphic designs and also the fact that it is an addictive game: it is an « High score » game and on most of the sites you can post your score. You may have already guessed that it is the kind of very simple game you can play during a long time in order to post your score on the Internet to show off.

First episode « Part 1 – Pingu Throw »

This first version, brought out in 2004, quickly was distorted in different non official versions. Among them, the Longshot versions (with less gravity to sent the penguins farther) and gore versions, the most famous one was developed by a so called « Pawel », in which penguins explose when you hit them (your bat had been replaced by a spiked club). The head of the poor penguin is then sent in the air, with a lot of blood. Mines also allow you to rebound, increasing your score. Then, the series regularly grew, making the yeti travel all around the world in adventures that allowed the gameplay to change. In that sense, we can notice that the episodes 2, 6, 7, 9 and 11 are a bit different from the others because, even if they are dexterity’s games (they are High score games), they are not throwing games.

Second episode of the « Yeti Sports » series

Nowadays, the « Yeti Sports » saga is composed by 12 principal games, with their own gameplay. Several official versions (« deluxe » versions, or edited versions, for Christmas for example) that have been released, made the saga reach 20 games. We also can highlight that, when you type: « Yeti Sports » in a search engine, it usually corresponds to more than 7 million results.

What does the future hold in store for the saga ?

The « Yeti Sports » series recently changed. Indeed, some applications (for Smartphones/tablets, and for simple porterages) have been developped and are currently for sell on digital distribution platforms. Therefore, this saga has lost a bit of its « free » aspect. But on this side (that is to say on its free side), we can notice that an online application of the game has appeared on the most famous social network, thus increasing its diffusion.

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Bonus :

In the first episode of « Yeti sports », one can read the inscription « 1978 Reihnold + Yeti », on the stone on the left of the yeti. It is an easter egg (a reference) to Reinhold Messner, who declared having seen a yeti in the 80’s, during an expedition to Tibet. Our Yetisports Games